Bashing Shaw - Again

I'm running MotionEye on Home Assistant to play with security video. My Reolink RLC-410-5MP camera needs a DHCP reservation on my Hitron CGNM-2250-SHW cable router furnished by Shaw in order to stay connected.

Sadly, the Hitron has decided that regardless of the DHCP reservation I set, it will serve up any IP it chooses to the camera.

So, I get Shaw tech support on chat. Oh, here's the instructions on how to set it up for you. No, I already set it up, I need help because the DHCP reservation is not working. Oh, that is beyond my support level. OK, connect me to the support level that can help.

A pause, oh, they say you need to contact support for your camera to make it work.

ARGH! A short course on networking and DHCP reservation is now given to Shaw tech support.

Oh, that is beyond our scope, so we can't help you with that.

So, I figure what the heck and query Shaw's support community discussion forum. There's a topic on it marked SOLVED! Halleluyah.

Solved all right, the advice is basically "buy better equipment yourself and use it instead of our Hitron device."

I sent a message to Hitron support, but I'm not holding my breath for them either....


Hitron did not respond. I'm not a commercial customer.

I went back to Shaw again and ended up with a person on chat who said we don't support anything in the modem settings. Only Shaw Business does that. I figured that I had nothing to lose so I called Shaw Business. The tech I spoke with was helpful, to a point.

He said that he could see that there was a firmware update waiting for my modem but it had not been applied. Had I power cycled the modem lately? I had, so he suggested a factory reset.

I exported the configuration and did the reset. Today's lesson was that importing the configuration file does not recreate all the forwards I had set up. Good thing I did a couple of screenshots before the reset!

I don't know if the firmware update was applied, but it seems like the DHCP reservations are sticking for now. Hopefully it continues.