Troubleshooting Balboa Spa LED Light Controller

My dear wife bought a Passion Swim Spa with a Balboa spa pack. The LED lights worked for about two years and then when you pushed the button to turn them on they would light to full brightness and immediately fade to dark. Now nothing happens at all.

I called the vendor for the spa and asked. "Oh yes, it's the LED controller box. We have them for $55 each."

OK, so I pulled the plug for the LED controller on the spa pack main board. It's supposed to supply 10 VAC. I'm seeing about 0.6 VAC.

The vendor has been silent after I asked about this and there is no way that Balboa is going to talk to a mere customer about this.

I'll keep poking and hope to find a solution, but so far the internet has not been much help.


Spa Pack

Model JZ501X2

Part # 56793-01

The main board in the pack was replaced because of a stuck heater relay. The new board that went in was not the same, so the block diagram is no longer applicable. Here's what is in it now:

Model BP501/601

Part # 24200 C

The LED controller board is marked with a board number: 151209

If you have any wisdom to share, I would certainly appreciate hearing from you.

Here are pictures of the LED controller board (click for larger image):

LED controller board top 151029

LED controller board bottom 151029