What do you do when you are served food in a restaurant that is cold and should be hot?

We seem to have trouble with the club sandwich and fries. I can understand the club sandwich being cold as the bacon and bread are the only items in it that are hot. The fries are different, they should be hot.

At an ABC restaurant we complained and they took the plates back to the kitchen. We received them back a short time later and everything was hot, The sandwich, the fries and the dill pickle! Obviously they jammed the whole thing into a microwave oven and zapped it.

I complained to ABC's head office in Vancouver via their web site. Crickets. They don't care, so we do not go back to the restaurant that we used to visit fairly regularly.

It happened again at a White Spot. They did respond, apologising and admitting that the warmer for the fries was broken that day. Should that have been enough to make me happy?

Now comes the bill. Do you leave a tip? I'm one of those people who believes that a tip is something you leave to acknowledge exemplary service, not just dragging food to the table and returning to ask if my meal was OK. On the other hand, the cold food is not the fault of the server who suffers when no tip is offered.

Sometimes I think that I'm better off staying in my own kitchen. At least when I'm not happy with what I make I know that I'm not paying $35 for $5 worth of food.